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New Show 

AMJ : Entertainer

The true story of one man’s ambition to become the greatest holiday park entertainer in England. In a show filled with laughs, music and lots of heart, AMJ recalls the bumpy road towards his dream. Could he face down family opposition, self-doubt and the occasional not-so-happy camper to become a summer holiday legend


AMJ  is known for his energetic live performances playing everywhere from rock festivals to theatres  here are just a few quotes.


"He has a kind of scream if you go faster energy that really pulls you in"



"I really love this act"

                                         Stephen Mulhern


"This guy is going do amazing things"



" Turn on the lights and camera and watch the magic happen"

                                          Stooges comedy

"A Rock n Roll Peter Kay" 

                                      Deal Radio


"Adam has a scream as you go faster energy that really pulls you in" 

"The greatest comedy show "

"A rock n Roll Peter Kay"

                  Deal Radio 


"Lovely Stuff"

          Steve Furst 

AMJ Is represented by Much laughter